Partner Program 2015: New partners for new business in the year of EXPO

For Invest in Lombardy, being a one-stop service for attracting foreign investments doesn’t mean to provide directly 100% of information and services.
Tax, legal, labour regulations and HR, M&A, real estate…: every field needs deep knowledge, experience, references and case studies. That’s why Invest in Lombardy relies on a wide and constantly enriched professional network and we prefer to be supported by experts able to give detailed information on different fields that apply to foreign investments.
One of the main assets for Invest in Lombardy is the network of private partners: currently 25, they are selected and approved to meet a guaranteed level of service for foreign investors. From the perspective of investors, the advantages related to this approach are clear; but at the same time there is a series of benefits for partners. Belonging to our network is a choice of quality, growth and expansion. It is also the best way to get in touch with new, resourceful and dynamic companies willing to expand in Italy, notwithstanding the possibility to be part of a prestigious cluster of professionals. Our partners are included in databases supplied to enquiring foreign companies and receive state-of-the-art reports on FDIs in Italy. They are invited and involved in our events and in our promotional activities (e.g. web site, blog, social media) and have the opportunity to share their contents through our communication.
Last but not least, taking part in our business partner program is a way to gain reputation in the international business community.
Invest in Lombardy has just launched the Partner Program 2015 and this is the right time to join . Just drop us a call or download the presentation to find out how we can work together and get to know all the opportunities.

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