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Within the initiative “Why invest in Lombardy #AskOurPartner” here is our seventh article. Discover some smart tips for investors in the following short interview with Giuseppe Fuda – Partner, Todarello & Partners.

Milan is an ever-changing city, thanks to the restyling of many districts and the new openings of several buildings. Among its latest outstanding projects: the scientific poles of Human Technopole and City of Health; Milan former rail yards renovation; Porta Nuova business district; Citylife district which combines commercial, residential and office spaces…and many more.

On this issue, here some smart tips to investors:


  • Do you know that …

Milan is a city in transformation. The EXPO 2015 has triggered many urban development projects that are changing the look of the city under the paradigms of new constructions, re-use and redevelopment. In Milan and Lombardy the construction sector has overtaken the crisis with new impetus, and it is safe to say that this shows how the country as a whole is going through a season of change and relaunch.

  • How easy is it to start major investment projects?

Major investment projects usually imply large urban planning interventions, namely transformations of the territory and of the local infrastructure in order to better support the new activities implemented. Usually these projects require long negotiations that involve different levels of government and different interests that generally conflict with environmental issues. In this regard, during the projects we have followed we have witnessed how Milan ecosystem has proven to be able to balance the different needs and to guarantee a quick start to major investments.

Here are some data on Real Estate investments: in 2016 transactions accounted for € 1.596 billion only in Milan. Lombardy is home to more than 800.000 companies, Milan has more than 900 startups, a hub for disruptive companies.

  • What are the most interesting investment opportunities in Lombardy?

Given the vitality of the local construction sector, in recent years many investment funds have increasingly invested in real estate portfolios for residential, commercial and service purposes. On the other hand, investors need to be aware that investing does not just mean to sign a sales contract: in order to succeed in the construction sector and to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the urban planning regulations.


The interview is also available, together with useful information for investors, on the website of Invest in Lombardy, the service dedicated to foreign investment promotion, run by Promos (Special Agency of Milan, Monza Brianza, Lodi Chamber of Commerce), promoted by Unioncamere Lombardia and supported by Regione Lombardia.

To learn more, follow the Partners’ interviews that will be published on the website and You Tube channel of Invest in Lombardy.


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