INBOUND FDI, WHERE TO START? Projects, Sectors and Countries to improve attractiveness for the economy

2nd July 2013
Palazzo Turati, Sala Conferenze
Via Meravigli 9/b – Milan

Improvement in FDI inflows at national level is a critical issue in order to boost economic growth.

After one year of Invest in Lombardy activity, a project promoted by Unioncamere Lombardia, Chamber of Commerce network, Promos and Lombardy Region, top management, representatives from Institutions, academics, researchers and policy makers discussed in order to define new strategies and actions to attract investments.

These topics was discussed by: (ProgrammItalian version)

Francesco Bettoni, President Unioncamere Lombardia and Vice President Promos;
Armando De Crinito, Deputy General Manager for Industrial Activities Research and Innovation of Regione Lombardia;
Piero Galli, General Manager Event Management Expo 2015 S.p.A.; (pdf presentationItalian version)
Stefano Nigro, Investiment Promotion Department Promos; (pdf presentationItalian version)
Carlo Altomonte, Professor Università Bocconi, Bruegel Think Tank and NIBI; (pdf presentationItalian version)
Marco Mutinelli, Università degli Studi di Brescia and Scientific Coordinator FDI Monitor of Promos; (pdf presentationItalian version)
Stefan Brandes, Studio Rödl & Partner;
Valerio Piacentini, Studio Piacentini & Associati;
Jin Ming He, Bank of China;
Elio Milantoni, Deloitte Financial Services SpA;
Edoardo Calcaterra, Castaldi Mourre & Partners;
Alberto Martinelli, UBS Bank AG.

Download the press release and the press review (Italian version).

Watch the video on YouCamera TV (Italian language).

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