Opportunities to relocate your business in Pavia: a new tender notice for Parco Tecnico Scientifico Pavia is now open

Describing the province of Pavia and its potential to attract investments is not easy. In a single integrated territory you could find three geographic areas: Pavese, Lomellina and the Oltrepò Pavese with different economic and industrial focus.

Pavia, the city, is next to Milan (25 minutes by train) but not exactly gravitating to it. The town has its own lifestyle and economic background, mainly turning around the pivot of the University and based on the system of hospitals, recognized as an excellence both for care and research.

Parco Tecnico Scientifico di Pavia, taking part in the “Land in Lombardy” project, being a science and technology park, represents and contains most of the properties of the economy of this city and promotes a tender process in order to collect new business ideas and new businesses that intend to follow an acceleration process.

“The Chamber of Commerce of Pavia – says President Franco Bosi – is working actively to promote investment in the area. We believe that the Incubator tender notice constitutes an opportunity that helps foreign companies interested in investing in Pavia, a pioneering center in research, a university town in Lombardy located only a few steps away from Milan. Entrepreneurs and startups in the field of biotechnologies, biomedical, pharmaceutical, health services, ICT, energy and so on through this tender can therefore get an easier start point.”

The tender is a call for proposals for projects to start up and develop new business through a traditional and virtual incubation process.

The space dedicated to virtual incubation (situated in a central area of the city) is reserved for foreign companies.

Even though businesses operating in the following sectors are permitted to participate in the tender process with priority:

  • biotechnologies, biomedical sector, pharmaceuticals and projects concerning health issues information and communication technology (ICT), energy, the environment and related services;
  • outsourcing industrial research activities and transferring technology from universities and from businesses;
  • consulting and planning services offered on research themes that apply to the territory’s interests;
  • socially oriented businesses for the development of entrepreneurship.

any innovative business projects with high development potential may be admitted to the tender.

Don’t miss the opportunity to headquarter in Pavia; read the tender notice here and apply before June 10th 2015 through a simple procedure: a world of science and a milieu devoted to Research & Development is waiting for you.

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