Milan confirms its global appeal for international retailers

2015 started in the best mood, with the opening of H&M Duomo and went on even better. Primark, Victoria’s Secrets, Dudalina, Mango, just to name a few. Going through the list of the retail new openings in Milan, it is clear that the city is creating a new retail scene, through a mix between good deals, inimitable ambience, setting and background (

Milan is attracting new shops offering heritage buildings and a unique system of clusterings, integrated in the everyday flow of both residents and tourists, avoiding the secluded experience of huge malls.

International brands are landing in Milan alone or partnering with national leaders, when the latter happens, new synergies are possible: the case of Percassi devoting to Victoria’s Secrets one shop in a central area, next to Duomo Cathedral, originally branded Maddalena (footwear), is the example of an old retail policy now changing in portfolio strategy and better exploiting the real estate assets.

Of course, not only the centre of the city is benefitting from the interest by international retail: Primark (low cost shops from Ireland) will open in Arese, in a new mall to be developed in the area which has been hosting for decades the Alfa Romeo plants.

Following the JLL Cross Border Retailer Attractiveness Index 2015 London still has the highest presence of international retailers compared to European peers, followed by Paris, Moscow, Milan and Madrid. This fourth place (with a scoring of 174) is even better if we consider only the luxury retailers, where Milan ranks #3.

What are the reasons for a new season of opening in Milan?

Besides the reputation as one of the world’s most famous fashion centres, the city benefitted also, in the last years, from the ExpoMilano2015 funds and works ( Expo effect and visibility combined with older development initiatives, which are now available for Milan and also enhancing the attractivity for international retailers: Maison Martin Margiela and Loubutin, just for instance, made the new district of Porta Nuova house of their brands.

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