Italy Real Estate: It is Time to Invest

Why do we choose Italy for an investment? Why is its real estate so appealing today?

For more than one year, the more important international investors choose the Bel Paese for their new and important operations in real estate sector. In the just first six months of 2015, the foreign investments overcome in Italy the levels of 2006, by touching peak of 2,7 billions, thanks to high yields, guaranteed in all the national territory, with sale prices, which are particularly convenient and competitive.

Prestigious luxury brands, multinational corporations of different sectors, hotel groups, supreme funds and IMCO, but also individuals, which come especially from Asia, Europe and USA, they have developed their activity In Italy with new points of sale or head offices, they have bought important real estate portfolios and single luxury properties, they have also bought villas, apartments, hotels in exclusive locations, in the last years. Who does it for the first time, who will continue to do this; a demand oriented to logistics and office, as well to retail, accommodating structures and residential, both for core and developing actions.

The Italian Real Estate, in fact, results particularly interesting for opportunities and values, among the most stable and safe markets in Europe. Since 2008 to nowadays, Italian Real Estate has lived a general realignment, without suffering from deep variations, which have damaged countries as Spain, Ireland and Greece and without going through the terrible housing bubble, main character in other different realities.

Italy gives also real estate facilitations, concerning regulatory aspects and it recognizes the property right, which allows to enjoy and to have the property in a total and exclusive way, differently from other countries; it also has very least rates of interest and a greater current assets and it presents properties, which are characterized by high qualitative standards, competitive prices and strategic location.

Italian Retail Real Estate lives today a second youth, a consequence of the faith of consumers and the gradual worldwide recovery. We attend to a progressive increase of properties request from important and international brands, who look for spaces in luxury streets and who want to take part to the system of “Made in Italy”.
Milan, Rome and Venice are the most attractive and valued Capital Cities and today the average of retail yields is around 6%.

Hotel Real Estate is also one of the most desirable sector for investors in Bel Paese, by considering the concrete increase of arrivals in Italy, thanks to the progressive and global growth of tourist division and the incredible cultural and naturalistic heritage, which makes Italy one of the most attractive realities and the fifth favourite worldwide destination. The important hotel chains are involved in developing their business, by unifying new hotels for management or franchising, or through new acquisitions; they ask for specific and prestigious products and innovative and flexible direction models. Milan, Rome, Venice and Florence remain the most attractive cities, with a particular attention to inner cities.

Concerning to Italian Logistics Real Estate, the Country is again among the European attractive squares, for a particular strategic geographic position, controlled prices compared to the European average and very interesting yields, which overcome the 8% in the maximum values. We attend to a general stabilization of market, in the first semester of 2015, with an increase of demand, especially in North, in particular for Milan, Bologna and Rome. The investors specialized in “prime” areas are interested in building logistical complex, also without renters and this confirms a good faith in the sector, and we also notice fusions between groups of logistical and transport divisions, signal of a sector in recovery.

Also the Italian Office Real Estate lives a colourful moment, for maximum yields, which are around 8% and for the growing research of foreign companies, which look for new work offices in the territory, especially in Milan. Prime clients, who want high representative ambiences, innovation and prestigious location, multinational corporations and start-up, who desire to develop or to start their activity and so they ask for medium-large offices or complete buildings in prompt delivery to personalize.

The Italian Residential, lastly, highlights again a contraction of sale values, which make particularly attractive various properties situated in exclusive seaside, lake, city and mountain locations. We also record a growth of foreign demand of houses in Bel Paese, first from Great Britain, and the most pleasing areas are Tuscany and Liguria.
Milan is in the fifth position of top 10 of the best markets in Europe in 2015. It is confirmed as the Business Capital City and the most attractive city for office, with Porta Garibaldi as the most pleasing area requested for the current and important urban requalification action, high accessibility and diffused offer of efficient and eco-friendly properties. It is also headquarter of influential fashion brands and the most valued square for retail investors, and one of the most attractive market in logistics and hotel divisions.

A safe and profitable real estate investment needs deep know-how of market and qualified assistance staff. The team of World Capital Group, international company specialized in real estate consultancy and intermediation with its head office in Milan and direct offices in different countries, such as China, India and Russia, thanks to a twenty-year experience, multilingual staff and specific departments for every sector, is tailor-made partner of its client; it gives to him professionalism, expertise, flexibility and complete and personalized assistance. Training, innovation, research and specialization is the investment of World Capital in years.

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