Our 2015 in keywords

2015 is nearly over, this last days are usually hectic and busy because of projects closing, deadline urging and the need to take a break becoming a priority.

Even if it is only a (mainly western) conventional manner to calculate time and divide it into segments, the end of the year is time for assessments and evaluations.

How was 2015 for Invest in Lombardy? Surely it can be defined by keywords: Expo, digital communication, events, integration, agreements, new partners and customer care.

First of all it was the year of Expo2015 in Milan and this topic was inspiring and affecting all the strategies of investment attraction.

We all were convinced that Expo2015 was going to improve the attractivity of Lombardy and not only on the short term. It was, indeed, but Expo2015 was, in fact, also the hub for a series of events and the occasion to host a number of delegations: Invest in Lombardy was involved in 95 initiatives related to EXPO (welcoming delegations, business meetings, presentation of business opportunities,…..)

This year started with the launch of a new communication tool for Invest in Lombardy: we started adding a blog to the traditional web site and writing 80 posts, with the help of our partners.

Our presence on social web increased, represented by 2.800 tweets directed to more than 1650 followers (almost doubled in a year), 50 posts on Linkedin group, which counts more that 540 members.

Finally, it was the result of more than one year of work, but they have been signed a couple of agreements that are going to rationalize, improve and multiply effectiveness in promoting Lombardy as a destination for foreign investments.

2015 was also the year when our traditional event (Invest in Lombardy Day) grew up and became Invest in Lombardy Days, reaching the length of ten days, with 800 participants and 53 mentors and speakers. The format of events has been renewed and the extent of topics has increased, ranging from the R&D to the impact of Job’s Act and from the policies of Lombardy to young leaders. This effort has resulted making Invest in Lombardy a point of reference and an increasingly influential player in the FDI scene.

Last, but not least, our partners’ program went on, reaching 22 partners.

Expo, digital communication, events, integration, agreements, new partners and customer care: these words described our Zeitgeist for 2015. Guess the keywords for 2016….

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