The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Sector can drive more foreign investments

Cleantech is a strong keyword for every investor, nowaday. The commonly accepted definition (given by Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder’s book “The Clean Revolution“) contains several concepts driving today the development of Lombardy and representing points of strength for the region in terms of attraction of foreign investments:

“A broad base of processes, practices and tools, in any industry that supports a sustainable business approach, including but not limited to: pollution control, resource reduction and management, end of life strategy, waste reduction, energy efficiency, carbon mitigation and profitability.”

Certainly the Cleantech sector is one the reason why Lombardy is considered one of the four Engines of Europe. Metaphorically speaking, the fuel for this engine is going to be cleaner and cleaner, as the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) is one of the most prominent cluster in the south-Europe.

LE2C (the first Italian cluster obtaining the Cluster Management Excellence certification by ESCA) is devoted to Research & Development, Internationalisation and matching, working on six main market areas: conventional & nuclear, energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart grids, water treatment and eco building

Lombardy can be called the Cleantech focus in Italy, not only because of LE2C and its strong network (made by enterprises, public and financial institutions, industrial associations, universities and research centers), but for a number of reasons. Focusing on energy, 40% of the Italian firms operating in the renewable field are located in Lombardy; the Italian chapter of the Cleantech Challenge is organized in Milan, 10 universities and 5 research centers provide the most advanced researches in the field, more than 3,000 academics animate the scientific scene of Lombardy; 94 departments and other institutions act as labs and agents for technology transfer from universities to the business community. Last but not least, there are more than 300 Cleantech companies in Lombardy.

The event “Invest in Lombardy R&D” (held on October 19th 2015) highlighted Lombardy as a region which provides foreign companies the opportunity to do research into high-qualified structures with a focus also on costs containing and during the event Invest in Lombardy presented the first POV (point of view) related to one of the Lombardy certified clusters and defined the region as a “land of knowledge”, based on talent, research and innovation.

Download “Lombardy Energy Cleantech Sector” and explore one of the most promising investment in Lombardy.

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