Green technology in Italy has spread evenly throughout the boot, but located in the north of the country lies its strong point. The Lombardy region is first in green technology investments in Italy and leading the field by accounting for about one-fifth of the national total (19%). This amounts to 71,000 out of the total 372,000 green businesses in Italy. Milan is the top province with 7% of Italian companies and 35% of Lombardy’s. Among the top twenty Italian provinces for the number of companies, investing in green products and technologies are Monza (6th), Bergamo (8th), Brescia (14th) Varese (15th) and Varese (17th).

Due to the predominance of green businesses in the North-West Cleantech Cluster, the geographical spread of the green jobs demand reflects that of the green businesses and sees a high concentration in the North-West, where in 2015 almost 26,000 new jobs were created, 19 thousand of which are located in Lombardy. The region’s 10 Universities and 5 Research centers which provide the most advance researches in the field are very active in exploring the extreme horizons of technology in the Cleantech energy field through 440 joint projects with other universities around the globe.

This green orientation remains a strategic factor for the brand Made in Italy: the green economy attributes to over €100B of added value, 10.3% of the national economy, and provides 2.9million green jobs. This figure which corresponds to 13.2% of the national total employment and is set to continue to rise.

The green initiative, spearheaded by the Lombardy region, makes Italy the number two country for green investments and energy reduction while placing it at number one for C02 reduction and waste reduction in the European Union.

This concentration of green investments is known as the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) and is the beating heart of Italian excellence in the energy sector, with108 companies, generating €23bn and employing 31,000 people across the entire region. LE2C supports the competitiveness of the companies included in the cluster by promoting innovation and technology transfer, facilitating access to European funding and fostering internationalization.


Download “Lombardy Energy Cleantech Sector” and explore one of the most promising investment in Lombardy.


(*Data taken from the Green Italy Report of 2015)

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