The costs about the maintenance of a building are an important item for any kind of firm: recent analysis show that they can be quite relevant for many reasons and, above all, they come from an external field of interest for the company, not representing their “core business” activity.

Building running costs are one of the main indirect sources of expense for a company, but they are also something no one can avoid, because every kind of business needs a place to be held.

The “Building Management” is a procedure that makes a company able to control the performances of its buildings, the related costs of exercise and the compliance to the current regulations.

BM consists of a unique external subject that controls all the activities and duties regarding the spaces where a company runs its business (productive or directional), gathering under its sole responsibility both the technical and executive works necessary to keep a building efficient.

The “Building Manager”, interacting with the HSE (Health-Security-Environment) and Facility Management Departments of the company, becomes the technical referent for everything involving the construction, transformation or maintenance of the company’s building, either being a project for a new plant or an existing structure.

Technical Due Diligence, Design, Fire and Work Safety, Maintenance plans, Energy saving programs, Construction: with the BM a Company can free its internal resources from the managing of all these features, giving in outsource a group of services that become easier to control and more efficient in the result.

This becomes more and more relevant when a company decides to enter a new foreign market, with its proper laws and administrative commitments: in this case facing with a unique professional subject can really make a difference in costs and times of fulfillment, enabling the human resources of the investor to focus completely on their core activity.

Italy is well known for the complexity of its laws operating on various levels (central, regional, local): the BM makes easier the initial approach to the Italian market for the installment of a new activity and represents an important way of efficiency enhancement and costs control for a company already owning a real estate asset in our Country.


Written by Luca Cazzaniga and Matteo Cazzaniga – Cazzaniga Costruzioni



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