Two useful regional tools for hiring new employees in Lombardy

Dote Unica Lavoro is the active labour market policy program set up by the Lombardy Region and focused on supporting the reintroduction into the workforce of those who seek a job, are older than 30 and have their residence in Lombardy, or those younger than 30 who have already taken part in the Garanzia Giovani Lombardia program and haven’t acquired a long-term occupation.

Garanzia Giovani Lombardia is the actualization of the national plan for the introduction into the workforce of the youth residing in the whole national territory, between the age of 15 and 29 years old, supported and funded by the European Commission.

Those who are unemployed and are willing to find a job can turn to a qualified employment services operator, either public or private, entitled by the Lombardy Region.

The list of all entitled operators can be found at:

The potential employees will be handled by their operator to the choice that will verify their qualifications to take part in the Dote or Garanzia Giovani program. Based on the subject’s situation, the system will automatically assign him to one of the different degrees of intervention provided by the program.

All of the Dote Unica Lavoro and Garanzia Giovani services are free for the beneficiary, as their expenses are covered by the funds granted by the European Social Fund to the Lombardy Region, and remitted to the operator in charge of handling the beneficiary, based on the services provided and on the goals reached, which cannot be shorter than 6 months of employment.

The employment contracts recognized as valid are of the subordinate type, either of definite or indefinite duration, including staff leasing agreements. Garanzia Giovani also admits 6 month internships or apprenticeships as valid contracts.

In many cases, substantial economic hiring incentives for the employers are arranged.


Written by Antonio Bonardo, Public Affairs Senior Director Gi Group

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