Investment Attraction: Lombardy is Ready to Take Up the Challenge

Thanks to its leading position in national and international markets, its economic status and its long rooted openness to foreign business, Lombardy is today one of the most attractive regions in Europe for investors.

Home to more than 800,000 companies, Lombardy is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the country. Its universities welcome students from all over the world, providing talents to local and international firms operating in Lombardy. The real estate sector is incredibly dynamic, with Milan emerging as one of the most active markets in recent years. In terms of R&D, Lombardy is on the way to become a key European cluster of innovation. Even in terms of logistics and transportation industry, the region has a lot to offer when it comes to infrastructures and strategic facilities.

Starting from these assets, how can Lombardy raise the bar and become even more attractive to Italian and overseas investors? With the aim to propose alternative approaches and define new policy frameworks for attracting investments in the region, Regione Lombardia, Unioncamere Lombardy and Promos have organised the 5° edition of the Invest in Lombardy Days (Milan, 6/7 February 2017), the highest-profile event dedicated to foreign direct investment (FDI) in Lombardy and Italy.

On the occasion, Regione Lombardia will present the project AttrACT, whose ultimate goal is to increase Lombardy’s attractiveness to foreign investors by building a clear, transparent and favorable economic context. In particular, AttrACT aims to develop a truly regional network able to match Lombardy’s assets with the global strategic needs of potential investing firms. Regione Lombardia and interested local municipalities will sign what will be called Accordo per l’attrattività. Thanks to these agreements, Regione Lombardia will be able to identify suitable sites for investments on a regional scale, helping at the same time municipalities to promote their investment opportunities and create economic spillovers for their territories.

Global competition is intense and fierce. Lombardy is ready to take up the challenge.

If you want to discover how the region is working to attract more investments and emerge as a leading international center, attend the conclusive public seminar that will take place on Tuesday 7 February from 4 p.m. at Sala Biagi. Please register here.



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