AttrACT clears the way for those who invest in Lombardy

Some of the most obscure administrative and fiscal acronyms – such as SUAP (“Sportello Unico Attività Produttive”, one-stop shop for productive activities), TARI (“Tassa Rifiuti”, waste tax), TASI (“Tassa sui Servizi Indivisibili”, indivisible services tax) and IMU (“Imposta Municipale Unica”, municipal real estate tax) – are about to become much more understandable for those who wish to invest in Lombardy by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AttrACT, a unique experiment in Italy that aims at fostering productive investments in Lombardy by guaranteeing administrative simplification, clear timeframes and fiscal incentives to investors.

Indeed thanks to the project, promoted by Regione Lombardia in cooperation with Unioncamere and Promos, entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from many different local incentives, like IMU and TASI rates lower than 11,4%, exemption from TARI, reduction of the quality standards and of the obligations required for changing the zoning of an area, the 20% reduction of the planning fees, in addition to programs that call for forms of cooperation with the local credit institutions.

The benefits of the program are not just mere economic incentives: as a matter of fact, AttrACT will bring about an overall bureaucratic simplification. For instance, the municipalities involved will have to approve the investment requests within 90 days, and investors will have to wait no more than 60 days to obtain a building permit.

These are the advantages for those who invest in the 113 opportunities located in the 56 municipalities partaking in the AttrACT project over the 12 provinces of Lombardy.

Of the 113 opportunities identified, 73 pertain to the industrial segment, 28 to the office segment, followed by the tourism and the logistic segment with 16 and 11 opportunities respectively. The greenfield opportunities cover a total area of 2.675.826,50 sqm, including five plots of land with a surface above 100.000 sqm. As for the buildings listed, the total Gross Floor Area amounts to 312.564,34 sqm, and 8 of them exceed the 10.000 sqm.

Local territories will be enhanced with infrastructure interventions and urban requalification projects, from road connections to ultrabroadband internet, from public lighting to building renovation. In addition, the municipalities involved will receive contributions to purchase technological equipment, implement new websites and softwares, and organize training programs for their employees, whom are required to develop an increasingly qualified expertise in assisting investors.

For these interventions, carried out by the municipalities with the goal of promoting their settlement opportunities, Regione Lombardia will give non-refundable grants for an amount equal to 80% of the incurred expenditures up to a limit of € 100.000 per municipality, to be used for refurbishment purposes.

The community of the 56 involved municipalities is therefore called to actively contribute to the promotion of their local territories by delivering on the commitment with Regione Lombardia through the Attractiveness Agreements (“Accordi per l’Attrattività”). Thanks to this pact between public administrations, to the support from the local stakeholders, to the administrative and bureaucratic simplification, to the aid services, Italian and foreign investors will be safeguarded and supported throughout each stage of their investment projects.

AttrACT brings about a cultural change that affects public administration at different levels, and leads public entities to manage the relationships with the enterprises from a customer-supplier perspective.


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