Multipurpose redevelopment: buildings with a high historical and artistic value are revived in the contemporary world

Redeveloping means returning architectural heritage to an area, revitalizing it and giving it new uses in line with the needs of contemporary life. It also means not wasting resources that belong to a region, a people and a shared history. It means modernizing while keeping tradition alive. Making architectural structures multipurpose enables them to be transformed into the centre of gravity of an entire community, allowing future generations to enjoy their beauty.

With this in mind, Regione Lombardia is presenting three investment opportunities at MIPIM 2019 involving the multipurpose redevelopment of three historic buildings: the former Santa Lucia convent in Mantua, Villa Cantoni Marca in Sabbioneta and the former Zanardi Bonfiglio barracks in Voghera.

Located in the heart of Mantua’s historic centre, the former Santa Lucia convent is an architectural gem, the result of seven centuries of building transformations. It is a treasure trove of timeless beauty that was used by the Poor Clares from 1380 to the late-18th century and subsequently became an orphanage for boys until 1968. The restoration and re-use of the building, which still reveals signs of its glorious past, intends to enhance this historically and artistically important structure. Following a proposal by the Fondazione Gonzaga, the multipurpose redevelopment of the entire 5,681 sq m block aims to return the former convent to the city and to transform it into an urban hub that is suitable for contemporary needs and functions: from tourist accommodation to private residences and a commercial centre.

The second investment opportunity is located 30 km south of Mantua near the River Po. Sabbioneta, a small Renaissance town declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to Villa Cantoni Marca. The building, which was used as a summer residence in the 18th century, is protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. The restoration and redevelopment project aims to transform the villa into a hotel and tourist facility. The villa’s fully equipped kitchen, spacious rooms, bedrooms with private bathrooms and large garden make it suitable for different uses: a venue for wedding parties and private events, meeting rooms and a hospitality centre for tourists.

The last investment opportunity relates to a building nestled in the Oltrepò Pavese, one of Lombardy’s most famous wine-growing areas. Voghera, a small town not far from Pavia and Vigevano, whose main attractions are Palazzo Gounela, San Lorenzo cathedral and San Giuseppe church, is home to the former Zanardi barracks, a sophisticated example of 19th-century military architecture.

The building, whose contents include the town’s historical museum, the municipal offices of the Local and Administrative Police and a library, is ideally suited to redevelopment of its unused areas. This reclamation process will involve the creation of public services such as underground parking.

Have a look at the projects at Milano and Lombardy at MIPIM web site!


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