Urban railway stations and ports: a great resource in Lombardy

Four of the ten investment opportunities that Regione Lombardia is presenting at MIPIM 2019 regard major urban railway stations and ports. Mantua, Bergamo, Brescia and Busto Arsizio are focusing on the future development of the architectural, economic and social context by redesigning their public space. This process of transformation and redevelopment aims to renew these urban areas. These four logistic centres are a great resource for the local area and region.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 in recognition of its architectural treasures, Mantua  enjoyed its height of splendour during the rule of the Gonzaga family. From the mid-14th century to the late-18th century, the Lombard city was home to a dynamic and influential artistic and cultural scene. Versatile artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Mantegna and Leon Battista Alberti made the city famous. There is more to Mantua than its artistic heritage. It is also an area famous for its varied biodiversity thanks to its lakes and to the River Mincio. In this context, Regione Lombardia is presenting a project to redevelop Valdaro port, the most important intermodal centre in eastern Lombardy, connected to the Adriatic Sea by the River Po. The business project involves the development of production areas for logistic purposes with the possibility of creating commercial properties thanks to the presence of existing buildings on site.

Located near the Alps, Bergamo is the second most visited city in Lombardy. Well connected by motorways and railways to Milan, Verona and Venice, it is home to Il Caravaggio International Airport. Bergamo and its surrounding district are located at the centre of one of the most economically developed geographical areas in Europe. Home to internationally recognized industries, universities and hospitals, the city has initiated a redevelopment process in recent years with the aim of improving its infrastructure and attracting more tourists. The “City of the Future” investment opportunity aims to transform and regenerate the 480,000 sq m Bergamo Porta Sud railway station. This development project is designed to give the city a smart, innovative and green makeover.

Brescia, a city of Roman origin located at the foot of the Alps and near Lake Iseo and Lake Garda, is the second most populated city in Lombardy. Considered the industrial capital of Italy, thanks to the presence of major companies in the metallurgy, mechanical and automotive industries, Brescia is focusing on the transformation of Via Sostegno. The project involves the creation of the high speed railway station inserted in a 24,900 sq m multipurpose structure, which will become a new hub in the urban landscape.

Finally, Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese, is aiming to redesign its public space. Its proximity to Milan and to Malpensa Airport and its dynamic economic scene characterize this urban centre. The “Ur.Ba.Mi.” project aims to transform the Nord di Busto Arsizio railway areas, which will redefine the relationship between the old town and the new city that has grown up around it. The development plan includes multipurpose private buildings as well as public spaces such as parking for bicycles, cars and municipal offices. This 170,000 sq m area will revitalize the whole urban fabric.

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