Your Investment Project in Lombardy

With a business environment worthy of one of the strongest economies in Europe, Lombardy is open to welcome new investors.

Invest in Lombardy, in the framework of the “Why invest in Lombardy #AskOurPartner” initiative, presents an additional tool to ensure visibility and promotion to the project: the new brochure Your investment project in LOMBARDY realized with the cooperation of Invest in Lombardy’s private partners, a selected network of companies and professionals with qualified and specific skills, ranging from legal services to accounting, from real estate to financial consulting, from human resources services to technical and environmental due diligence and much more, ready to assist investors on their investment path. Consulting firms, advisors, banks, real estate agencies and employment agencies are part of the network, and their profiles and services are described in the pages of our new online brochure.

Available on the website, the brochure outlines reasons and benefits of betting on a territory in constant growth.

With 20% of the national GDP and more than 800 thousand companies to highlight its industriousness, Lombardy is considered the ultimate business hub and the heart of international relations: it is in fact the first region in Italy for number of investment projects and for attraction of foreign capitals. Over 6 thousand of foreign companies are based in its territory with over 590,000 employees. 92 out of top 100 multinationals have offices in the region  and the presence of 116 consulates in Milan (the highest in the world, after New York) confirms that the global dimension crosses with the local one: an extraordinary international network that fosters economic and cultural relations.

Investors may rely on a dynamic network and an important business community and can take advantage from the support of Invest in Lombardy.

A dedicated and skilled team that over the past five years assisted more than 900 foreign entrepreneurs, cared after the implementation of over 100 investment projects and is preparing to support further projects whose expected value of investment on the territory, for the next two years, is around 800 million euro.

Invest in Lombardy, in the elegant setting of its historic headquarters in the heart of Milan, welcomes entrepreneurs from all over the world and supports them in the different phases of the business settlement, offering a free, specialized and professional service. Who chose Lombardy as a destination for its business can thus have a single interlocutor to rely on to:

  • find the best business opportunities
  • speed up bureaucratic and administrative processes
  • get information on how to finance the investment
  • identify the right location
  • recruit valuable people
  • have access to a network of public and private partners

Have a look at  to find out how Invest in Lombardy and its partners can help you, and contact us for more information!





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