Temporary and Interim Management in 101 tips

Got a huge project that’s six months overdue and no internal champion with the bandwidth to bring it home? Employees all bouncing off the walls, doing their own things? Company losing money due to outdated business process management software and systemsLate in delivering a project or having difficulty coordinating your team? 

A temporary executive can help your company dealing with these and several challenges of your business.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the foundation of SMW Senior Management Worldwide Group (one of the largest Interim Management Organizations operating in 19 Countries worldwide), a dedicated e-book titled “WORDS TO LEAD BY – 101 ways to leverage an interim executive”a collection of 101 effective snapshots explaining the benefits of an interim manager for your company – has been published by US partner and can be downloaded for free at the following link:  https://smw-interim.com/101-ways-to-leverage-an-interim-executive.

In particular, Temporary Management & Capital Advisors, partner of Invest in Lombardy – Promos Italia, operates in Italy since 2004 and is one of the founding partners of SMW Group: it helps companies to solve problems through interim managers (first line and above) in Italy and abroad, through the outstanding network of SMW Group.

The firm works on growth and development issues, but also on turnaround and crisis management situations, with a significant track record of multinational and international clients.

To learn more about how temporary and interim management can help your company facing new challenges and overcoming daily obstacles visit Temporary Management & Capital Advisors website.

Contact the Invest in Lombardy team for further information and support in your business and investments plans in Italy and Lombardy region. Have a look at our web site www.investinlombardy.com.

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