The new Invest in Lombardy website

The new Invest in Lombardy website (, launched by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Unioncamere Lombardia and Promos Italia for the enhancement of the regional territorial offer, is online. A strategic Lombard hub designed to guarantee companies comprehensive assistance in each stage of the investment.

We desired to renew ourselves while ensuring continuity between the old and the new, thanks to a graphic restyling that made the website more attractive and highly user-friendly, regardless of a significant platform convergence on the attraction of Lombard investments able to present, hopefully entirely and comprehensively, the offered services, locally available investment opportunities, and stakeholders involved in the project.

The focus is the promotion of Lombardy as a safe and profitable investment destination, with its countless opportunities spread over a heterogeneous territory with diverse characteristics. Likewise, highlighted is the importance of an economy among the most developed in Europe, a significant entrepreneurial mentality, and a renowned international openness that reinforces its appeal.

Extremely relevant is the “Discover our Region and find your settlement opportunity” section, expanded in the proposal by including available real estate and building development projects and an overview of Lombard Hubs, Research Centers, and Incubators besides greenfield and brownfield areas mapped by the AttrACT Program.

A search engine circumscribes the area of ​​interest, while additional filters provide information on size, reference segments, existing town planning constraints, proximity to road infrastructures, and direct links to the opportunity.

Key sectors also received some latitude, thanks to a homepage section and links to dedicated pages containing updates and insights.

Finally, a new banner will host ad hoc content on the experiences of foreign companies that have invested in Lombardy, with possible video interviews.

At this point we just have to wish you …

A happy browsing!






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