23 Lombardy real estate projects at MIPIM in Cannes

In 2022, real estate investments in Italy reached 11.3 billion euros (+16% compared to 2021). Offices and logistics are the most attractive sectors especially in Lombardy and Milan, which remains at the top of the interest of investors and which, as a city, catalyzes the largest share of investments, with 45% of the total (source).

Investing in Lombardy is worthwhile, in 2022 the largest volume of investments, attributable to a specific geographical area, was made in Northern Italy (62%) with capital from foreign investors (62%) interested in the office, logistics and residential sectors. Domestic capital concerns the offices exclusively in Milan.

The real estate sectors in which to invest because the best performing and of greatest interest to investors are:

  • offices: 4.5 billion euros, 39% of the total invested
  • industrial/logistics: 2.2 billion euros, 19% of the total volume
  • hospitality: 1.3 billion euros invested, 12% of the total volume
  • living: 1.1 billion euros, 10% of the total invested

whose data refer to real estate transactions carried out during 2022 (source).

Within the Italian collective at MIPIM 2023, the Lombardy Region promotes 23 real estate development projects covering Mixed Use, Tourism-Hospitality, Social and Student Housing and Services categories. From the regeneration of former industrial buildings to the redevelopment of urban areas, from the renovation of historic buildings to the design of Student Housing and Senior Living.

For the Tourism-Hospitality category, among the six Lombard Municipalities that have advanced projects involving redevelopment for tourist accommodation purposes, we find the Municipality of Ponte di Legno (BS) which has proposed the “Progetto Prati Alti” project involving an area of ​​about 95,000 square meters, between Ponte di Legno and Passo del Tonale, which could host an accommodation complex consisting of a “hub” for ski-school services, catering and complementary activities.

But what appeals to investors are hotels. According to Thrends research, the number of hotels went from 1,324 at the end of 2013 to 2.105 at the end of 2022 (source). And among the Lombard projects at MIPIM 2023, the “Grand Hotel San Pellegrino Terme” will be presented, proposed by the Municipality of San Pellegrino Terme (BG), as well as, on the reuse of historic homes, the renovation project of the “Villa del Serraglio” (600) and park overlooking Lake Garda in the Municipality of Toscolano Maderno (BS), the use of which is intended for high-quality dining facility, with the possibility of overnight-stay for up to 12 people.

As Mixed Use, among the 6 projects presented, an innovative proposal from the Municipality of Cisano Bergamasco (BG) with the intervention of “Domus Colombera“. A project consisting of a functional mix presenting residential areas, health and care facilities for the elderly – on the type of Northern European “biovillage”. Commercial spaces, services, green area-parks and gardens-orchards, a belvedere and cycle-pedestrian network along the Adda river. The total value of the district, which will be built under the Project, is approximately 37,000,000.00 euros. In the Municipality of Cabiate (CO), on the other hand, the renewal of five abandoned areas is promoted and the Administration directly supports the project by making “Villa Padulli” available as a research site.

Social, senior and student housing projects in Lombardy, which encourage the creation of supportive and concrete communities, based on mutual cooperation and the sharing of space and time, are a growing asset. Among the five projects presented at MIPIM 2023 belonging to this category we find the socio-medical intervention proposed by the Municipality of Madignano (CR) and aimed at the construction of a new “Structure intended as a Healthcare Residence for the elderly“, with 125 beds, and the intervention proposed by the Municipality of San Giacomo delle Segnate (MN) with the enhancement of a historical, architectural and environmental context of great value such as that of the “Villa Arrigona“, dating back to the first half of the 1600s, where the construction of a residential complex for the elderly or single people, couples or small families.

Flexibility and inventiveness for real estate development projects concerning the Services. The Municipality of Vigevano (PV) has the important objective of aggregating all the functions related to security in one place, creating a pole, the “Security Citadel“, which houses the barracks of four corps: Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza and Fire Brigade. Furthermore, the Municipality of Sustinente (MN) foresees the reuse of Villa Guerrieri Gonzaga for the MASP – Mantua Agriculture Sustainability Project project. A training and innovation center capable of improving the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of agriculture and agro-industrial companies.

For all the projects promoted at Mipim 2023, the technical information presentations, including renderings and floor plans, can be consulted on the Milan and Lombardy at MIPIM 2023 website and at www.investinlombardy.com.



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