Government-Region Agreement to finance strategic projects in Lombardy

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, signed in Milan the Agreement for Development and Cohesion. This agreement will enable Lombardy to invest resources in significant strategic projects.

Lombardy will allocate funds from the Development and Cohesion Fund (FSC 2021-2027) to enhance infrastructure, transportation, universities, research, and revitalize territories through urban regeneration initiatives.

The agreement between the Government and the Region allocates over 1.2 billion euros to Lombardy. This includes 710 million euros for new projects, 315 million euros to co-finance Regional Programs 2021-2027, and 185 million euros already assigned to the Region for the purchase of new trains.

Prime Minister Meloni stated that the agreement with Lombardy is the fifth signed with a region and is among the most significant financially, similar to the one with Lazio. Some of the agreement’s key issues are: mobility, infrastructure, education, and urban renewal.

President Fontana highlighted that the agreement is a concrete step towards projects that will make Lombardy more attractive, connected, efficient, and competitive. He emphasized the importance of integrating FSC resources with regional funds and other sources of financing.

Among the planned projects are the purchase of new trains, urban renewal in various areas, investments in Milan’s universities, and the construction of key infrastructures in different provinces of Lombardy.

The agreement will direct funds toward strategically significant projects that will enhance the region’s quality of life and competitiveness. Source

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