Supporting the cultural heritage and promoting technological innovation: the three-year plans of the Lombardy Region

The Lombardy Region promotes the conservation of its cultural heritage through a Cultural Program (2023-2025) worth 126 million euros. Concurrently, the Region launches a research and innovation program of 1.5 billion euros to support innovation and enhance the quality of life for its citizens and businesses.

The Regional Council of Lombardy has given the green light to the Triennial Program for Culture 2023-2025, with a budget of 126 million euros for the next three years.

The Culture Councillor, Francesca Caruso, highlighted the goal of preserving and enriching cultural heritage, engaging citizens on topics such as regeneration, sustainability, and innovation. The funding will come from regional resources, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) funds, European programs, and other sources, aimed at enhancing UNESCO sites, museums, promoting reading, tourist itineraries, and supporting cultural enterprises.

The plan includes actions such as expanding ‘Operalombardia‘ and aims to make cultural venues more accessible, enhance artistic heritage, promote energy sustainability, foster technological innovation, and collaborate with various institutions to co-design and co-finance cultural initiatives.

Also through incentives to cultural businesses via the ‘InnovaCultura‘ measure.

There are also plans to organize the ‘Cultural Olympics‘ during the 2026 Olympic Games to promote the region’s excellences.

Simultaneously, a three-year Strategic Program for Research, Innovation, and Technology Transfer has been approved, with a budget of approximately 1.5 billion euros. This initiative aims to boost investments in research and innovation to promote economic competitivenesssustainable development and improve the quality of services offered to citizens and businesses.

The program involved various directorates-general and regional bodies, outlining 30 initiatives focused on research and innovation to address the priorities of the Regional Sustainable Development Program. It focuses on digitalization, particularly Artificial Intelligence, and will address citizen and community needs, aiming to become a pioneering region in innovation and an international reference point.

The identified priorities include green and digital transition, the resilience of the Lombard system, and adaptation to complex technological and environmental transitions.

With these measures, the Lombardy Region aims to translate the results of research and innovation into competitiveness and improvement in the quality of life for citizens and businesses.


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