Fostering Lombardy’s global presence: Simest collaboration for international business growth

Lombardy Region and Simest, the company dedicated to supporting the international expansion of businesses, signed a collaborative agreement: Regional Governor emphasized the commitment to simplifying procedures and fostering internationalization.

The groundbreaking agreement, the first between the two parties aims to promote initiatives supporting the internationalization of regional companies across all countries where Simest operates.

Actions to support internationalization include:

–        the evaluation of joint projects for foreign growth;

–        the promotion of various financial tools;

–        the export support managed by the company;

–        the organization of training sessions for businesses.

This collaboration signifies a joint effort to enhance Lombardy’s already impressive export figures, aiming to foresee global market trends and solidify the region’s position as a prominent international player.

The significance of institutional collaboration in supporting the global development of local businesses was underscored, emphasizing the role of the agreement in leveraging Lombardy’s economic strength.

During the event, Simest’s CEO addressed a delegation of Lombard companies, highlighting company’s commitment to sustainable internationalization and commending the dynamism of Lombard businesses as a valuable asset for the “Made in Italy” brand.

This agreement not only signifies a significant stride in supporting Lombardy’s businesses on the global stage but also reinforces Lombardy’s status as a region with a strong international vocation. The dedication of both parties reflects a shared vision to foster innovation and enhance international competitiveness in this dynamic and globally connected territory.



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