Lombardy Leading the Way: Excellence and Quality in the 4+2 Education Reform

Lombardy is spearheading the transformation with over 30 pathways ready for the reform, emphasizing quality and excellence in vocational education.

In a recent announcement, Simona Tironi, the Regional Councillor for Education, Training, and Employment in Lombardy, revealed that Lombardy is poised to become the region with the highest number of educational pathways ready to participate in the experimentation of the 4+2 reform model. The announcement was made during a meeting with the Minister of Merit Education, Giuseppe Valditara, at the Galdus training center. The statistics indicate a total of 34 applications for the launch of new programs in September, involving 29 schools, 42 IeFP (Istituti di Istruzione e Formazione Professionale) entities, and 20 Its (Istituti Tecnici Superiori) foundations. These entities will collectively form professional technological pathways, offering over 100 courses and catering to more than 1,500 Lombard students.

The Lombardy Region emphasizes its commitment to the quality of education, ensuring an excellent educational offer, and highlighting that several sectors have shown interest. However, only those capable of ensuring high-quality training have been selected.

To date, Lombardy has consistently aimed to align regional vocational training with national standards and ITS Academies. The 4+2 reform is welcomed with open arms, demonstrating the region’s historical excellence in vocational education.

Among the pathways ready to be activated in September, all 10 anticipated sectors are represented, with a significant focus on services to businesses: mechatronics, information technology, communication and data technologies, sustainable mobility, and logistics. The growing importance of ITS Academies in supporting students in the world of work during the reform experiment is emphasized. “The bridge between education and businesses is already strong, and companies are always represented in the 25 foundations of ITS Academies.

As Lombardy prepares for this educational change, the emphasis remains on maintaining a high educational standard that meets the needs of both students and the labor market.

Source: https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/filiera-tecnica-lombardia-coinvolti-oltre-1500-studenti-AFvVggMC

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