MIPIM 2024: Latest initiatives presented by Lombardy Region to enhance the territory

Lombardy confirms itself as a hub of excellence in the real estate sector with the presentation of its latest developments at MIPIM 2024.

The 23 proposals specially selected for the event, originating from 22 Lombard municipalities, covering various categories, demonstrating the diversity and creativity of the Lombard real estate landscape: from a historic Grand Hotel to the regeneration of important buildings and the redevelopment of entire historic centers.

Thanks to the synergy with the local area, our portfolio has been enriched with new development opportunities. The recent nominations reflect the crucial role played by Lombard stakeholders in enhancing the territory, highlighted by our constant commitment to building fruitful relationships and carefully nurturing the connection between our success and the well-being of the local community.

Among these new opportunities stands out the “HousingS to Live” program by the Municipality of Limbiate (MB). This ambitious plan envisages the transformation of the Mombello complex into a multifunctional residential center, catering to both students and seniors. Through the conversion of existing buildings and the construction of new residences, a total of 108 student beds and 60 senior beds will be created. This initiative not only addresses the housing needs of the community but also aims to enhance the quality of life for its senior residents.

In the realm of tourism and hospitality, the project by the Municipality of Clusone (BG) for the restoration of the “A. Maj” complex offers an intriguing perspective. This ancient convent, adjacent to the Church of Paradiso, with its precious fifteenth-century cloister, is poised to become a focal point for local hospitality. The refurbishment of the cloister not only preserves its historical and social value but also creates spaces tailored to the tourism and working needs of the community, such as short-stay accommodations and coworking spaces.

The initiative for the former Zanardi Bonfiglio Barracks in the Municipality of Voghera (PV) represents a unique opportunity for recovery and valorization. This historical building, dating back to 1860 and of significant architectural value, will be transformed into a multifunctional center. The functional recovery of the building and surrounding courtyards envisages the opening of tourist and reception activities or their destination for office use, thereby breathing new life into a piece of local history.

Lastly, the “Forge of knowledge” urban regeneration project presented by the Municipality of Alzano Lombardo (BG) enhances the 19th century industrial characteristics of the former Pesenti cement factory, transforming it into a school complex.

In conclusion, these interventions selected for MIPIM 2024 demonstrate Lombardy’s commitment to promoting sustainable and cutting-edge real estate development. Through the enhancement of the territory and the revitalization of urban spaces and historic buildings, the region reaffirms its position as a benchmark in the international real estate sector.

The portfolio of strategic proposals developed in collaboration with the municipalities will be presented to international investors and promoted through available online and offline channels to generate the necessary interest.

To learn more about the presented projects, visit the website https://milanoandlombardyatmipim.com/

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