Investing in Lombardy: the choice of Connexun

Every territory claims features, advantages, reason why to invest in and… successful case studies. Usually we quote the dimension of investments, or announce the opening of new plants, generally decided by the international headquarters of multinational groups.

Lombardy actually is attractive also for startups and all the small businesses related to technology. Milan is the heart of innovative startups phenomenon in Italy and the story of Connexun is the best example to explain why Lombardy can be the best place to start a digital business.

The ideal investment in Lombardy should have three elements: innovation, participation by local managers, strong connection to the academic and research community. Connexun has them all.

Connexun is an app created in the view of Expo 2015 and dedicated to all the foreigners will flock to Milan, which probably will not speak our language but need to understand how to move in our city and in our Country .

Through Connexun people can stay in touch with their origin (people, territory, things to do, places, news) and with the place where they live now. Easy to say but not so easy to build: the main social networks and digital protagonists have been all in search of this features and Facebook invested in Glancee just to get the technology. Discovering places, geolocalize friends, getting news.

Founded by Nikhil Aggarwal, an Indian entrepreneur, Connexun focuses on the relationship between Italy and India and, starting from o geographical point, gives you all the points of interest for Italians interested in India and Indians interested in Italy. The startup was acknowledged as Innovative Startup and received the specific support and advantage reserved in Italy to this category of companies. Invest in Lombardy was involved in the process and gave advice to Connexun in the various steps of founding and funding the startup.

The app is based on a heart of Italian tech: CuPiD (Cultural POI Discovery & Profiling) is the last development of the semantic engine B.I.R.B.AL (Brilliant Information Research Bigdata Algorithm), supplied by one of the Milan universities, Bicocca.

The app is currently available in English, Portuguese and Italian for people of Canadian origin, Brazilian, Chinese, Indian and Italian. More Countries coming soon.

Give a try to the app to understand how the future of a startup can be shaped by the places where you located it and why Connexun was founded in Milan.

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