Starting a new business in Lombardy? A practical handbook can help you

Most of the contents about investment attraction is concentrated on opportunities, features, advantages, characteristics of the territory. Usually these contents focus on topics like labour cost, logistic, infrastructures. They are useful, of course, and effective, but foreign investors need practical information, especially when having to do with Italy.

This is the reason why Invest in Lombardy releases constantly a handbook, intended to consolidate all the necessary information for foreign investors and provide it with a “down-to-the-earth” language.

Actually the handbook also contains an economic portrait of Lombardy, based on a survey carried out by Eupolis Lombardia, the higher institute for research, statistics and training, but our attention was driven to the second part, which is intended to fight the prejudice about the Italian economic system as impossible to be understood and interpreted by a foreign entrepreneur.

A new updated version in English was recently published on our website. It covers every single topic with a practical and easy approach, including information, references and examples about Italian tax system, kind of companies, special programs for innovative startups, labour law, legislation and protection of intellectual property, procedures concerning visas and stay permits for work reasons.

The information is enriched and integrated with a general introduction to Lombardy and was structured keeping in account the needs of investors.

Starting a business in Lombardy now is easier and in less than 30 pages an entire system is described: the handbook is a basic and indispensable tool, both for investors and professional services supporting them.

Irpef, TASI, IMU will have no more secrets for investors, so to focus on strategy, being able to start a business in Lombardy and have it running as soon as possible.



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