Invest in Lombardy Days 2015

(Milan, 12 – 22 October 2015)


More than 800 participants attended the ten-day event, 53 different mentors and speakers: these are only some numbers that highlight the 2015 edition success. The edition “Attract foreign investments to create innovation and grothw” was a great opportunity for dialogue and networking between Italian and international companies, economists, banks and firms.

The Annual Report (only Italian version available) was also presented, edited by Invest in Lombardy, with an overview that included the foreign investments trend in Lombardy and the results achieved by Invest in Lombardy.

Despite the economic recession which has shown a global and regional investments contraction (- 1.7 points) Lombardy region has kept a positive trend with a 17% comparing with 2013 The investors’ overview point out a good affluence from BRIC countries, with a prevalence of Europe and U.S.A.. The labor specialized market, is one of the most attractive target for foreign capitals.

The results shown that every 17 minutes foreign companies in the world get in touch with Invest in Lombardy.

In the past year, Invest in Lombardy has met more than 100 companies, during events and roadshow, with a return of 122€ for each euro invested in the project.

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(October 12th 2015)

The 39th floor of Regione Lombardia headquarter hosted the opening event of the Invest in Lombardy Days, the “Invest in Lombardy Awards”. During the soiree, seven foreign companies that have recently made high added value investments in Lombardy region were awarded.

The following awards were given:

  • “Lombardy International Hub” Award – Cargolux Airlines International (Luxemburg)
  • “Lombardy Know How” Award – IBM (USA)
  • “Lombardy R&D International Center” Award – Alstom (France)
  • “Lombardy Creativity and Innovation” Award – Serviceplan (Germany)
  • “Lombardy Restart” Award – Shineray (China)
  • “Lombardy Retail” Award – Paşabahçe (Turkey)
  • “Lombardy Real Estate” Award – Katara Hospitality (Qatar)


(October 14th 2015)

The main Invest in Lombardy Days event has the aim to present the results achieved by Invest in Lombardy and inspiring policy makers to support and increasing the attractiveness of the investments in the Region, and guidance on how to enable this transformation.

The debates have shown the presence of some excellences located in Lombardy region, developed by foreign investors with support and collaboration by local institutions. Four best international practices have been presented, to contribute to improve the taxation and the financial contest:

  1. SelectUSA Investment Summit

A once year event, with discussion ranged from the overall advantages of investing in the United States to expert guidance on investor visas, infrastructure investing, startup resources, workforce development, and more.

  1. ISB in Germany

The Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB) is the development institute of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz for business and housing development, a successful stories realized with the use of several tools, from surety to online data bank for investment locations seeking, and much more.

  1. Special Economic Zones in Polland

The Special Economic Zones (SEZ) is the result of successful connections of the needs of investors with the needs of the particular regions, in which they have been placed. Each zone is an administratively separate part of Polish territory, allocated for the running of businesses on preferential terms.

A business, on entering an SEZ has the assurance of tax benefits and an additional benefit is the fact that they can begin trading on a specially prepared site, fully equipped with the necessary utilities.

  1. Competitiveness trade Agreement by Regione Lombardia

Regione Lombardia has introduced these Agreements to promote the growth, competitiveness and the production innovation process. Moreover, the introduction of a general production companies relaunch plan to contrast the phenome of the delocalization.

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ROUND TABLE “The Jobs Act impact on foreign companies placed in Italy”

(October 15th 2015)

Which was the Jobs Act reform impact on foreign companies located in Lombardy? These and related themes were discussed at a round table by speakers coming from disparate backgrounds including HR managers, private firms CEOs, labor lawyers and exponents of unions. The survey, conducted by Invest in Lombardy in cooperation with firm De Luca and Partners, has pointed out how the measures introduced to rationalize employment protection, expand active labor market policy, make social protection more effective, and boost female labor force participation, could positively effect on the FDI.

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(October 16th 2015)

During the visit in Italy of a delegation of entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and China, the Hong-Kong Trade Development Council in collaboration with Invest in Lombardy, organized a meeting with over 35 Chinese companies for the presentation of investment opportunities and 55 B2B meetings with 32 Italian companies.

ROUND TABLE “Investing in Lombardy in R&D”

(October 19th 2015)

How do foreign investments affect the R&D level in Lombardy Region, and which role clusters, NRCs, financial institutions could play to facilitate FDI?

According to the recent data, over the last three years, the annual spending in R&D in Italy is increasing more than 15 percentage points, leading the Lombardy to be a region which provides foreign companies the opportunity to do research into high-qualified structures with a focus also on costs containing.

During the event Invest in Lombardy presented the first POV (point of view) related to one of the Lombardy certified Clusters.

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(20 Ottobre 2015)

Quali nuovi paradigmi, combinando best practices esistenti e approcci più innovativi, possono tradursi in progetti concreti di valorizzazione del territorio e delle nostre aziende capaci di attrarre investitori? Invest in Lombardy, in collaborazione con l’Associazione degli Alumni Bocconi, ha organizzato un dibattito tecnico con esponenti del mondo accademico, rappresentanti del business e della Pubblica Amministrazione, ospitato dall’Università Bocconi. Un confronto sulle prospettive di sviluppo urbano e sul miglioramento del potenziale attrattivo del territorio, in particolare su alcuni ambiti chiave: Pubblica Amministrazione, Real Estate, Health care. Dall’incontro sono emersi spunti interessanti per connettere le eccellenze del territorio, con la creazione di network specializzati.

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(21 Ottobre 2015)

Tavola rotonda con un selezionato gruppo di imprese tedesche per condividere da un lato le opportunità di investimento in Lombardia, i nuovi strumenti di incentivazione promossi dalla Regione Lombardia, dall’altro i servizi che Invest In Lombardy mette a disposizione per le imprese che intendono supportare la propria crescita attraverso degli investimenti. Gli investitori tedeschi hanno inoltre colto l’opportunità per presentare aspettative e difficoltà riscontrate nel processo di sviluppo dei propri investimenti, offrendo proposte e spunti di riflessione sul più generale tema dell’attrattività.


(October 22th 2015)

Young entrepreneurs, academics and unions representatives has took part to a round table discussing about long-term concrete proposals to improve the Lombardy attractiveness.

All these proposals emerged during the “Invest in Lombardy Days”, and this last round table in particular, will be collected into a white paper, a document that defines a package of targeted amendments for institutions to create a dialog on these issues.